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British flora and fauna 

Welcome to Nightshade Arte, where art becomes a conduit for exploring the mystical realms that lie beyond the tangible. Influenced by the rich tapestry of British witchcraft, folk medicine, and ancient practices, my work is a journey into the intangible—the whisper on the wind, the rustle of leaves—the essence of something more.

Through the stroke of a paintbrush, I traverse the landscapes of my personal gnosis, delving into the Other and unravelling the mysteries that dwell within. My paintings are not merely compositions; they are gateways into the depths of my soul, reflecting the tangled tapestry of my upbringing.

Growing up amidst the tangled threads of loneliness and parental alienation, I sought solace in the embrace of nature and the realms of fantasy. My childhood was a kaleidoscope of emotions—joy, escapism, and companionship found in unlikely places. From the loyal presence of a Great Dane to the sanctuary of my sketchpad, each element weaves into the fabric of my art.


Art, Prints, Jewellery & more.

Cabinet of Curiosities.

Welcome to Nightshade Arte's mystical Apothecary, where hand-painted curios enchant with ancient wisdom and magical charm. From potion bottles to sigils and charms, each piece is meticulously crafted to infuse your space with mystical allure. Delve into a world where artistry meets intention, and every creation holds the promise of transformation. Explore our curated collection and invite the enchantment of Nightshade Arte into your life.

Step into the enchanting realm of Nightshade Arte's animal and familiar paintings, where each stroke of the brush beckons you to discover which creature calls out, drawing you closer. From the wise owl to the graceful stag, every portrait captures the essence of companionship and mysticism, inviting you to connect with the spirit of the wild. Explore our gallery and let the soulful gaze of our painted animals and familiars guide you on a journey of wonder and connection..

Captivating paintings of Deities Daemons and fantastical creatures.

Each stroke of the brush brings these powerful entities to life, capturing their essence and mystique in vibrant detail. 

Whether you seek inspiration from the gods or dare to explore the shadows with the daemonic, our collection invites you to delve into realms both celestial and infernal

Spooktacular paintings, hangings and jewellery.

The dark, the dank, the spine tingling, hairs on back of neck standing...our brushes capture creepy woodland scenes on pumpkin shaped boards, painted coffins lids, gravestones painted with spiders, bats, skulls. 

Halloween every day...

Embark on a journey of bespoke artistry with Nightshade Arte. Whether you seek to immortalize your non-human companions in captivating portraits or have a unique vision waiting to unfold on canvas, I invite you to start the creative conversation today.

Engage with me via email or through social media messaging to discuss your ideas, inspirations, and desires. From the mystical bond between you and your beloved animal companions to any other brief that ignites your imagination, no concept is too extraordinary.

Commissions with Nightshade Arte are tailored to your vision and budget, starting from £30 to £200. Let us collaborate to bring your dreams to life through the enchanting medium of art. Reach out today, and together, let's weave magic onto the canvas.


Welcome to the enchanting emporium of Nightshade Arte, where magic meets artistry and every piece tells a tale. 

Explore our treasure trove of original artworks, prints and other complimentary wonders, each crafted with meticulous detail and infused with mystical allure. 

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Join us today, and let the magic begin!


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